Toys that have a social impact from beginning to end

Imagine your toy purchase provided fair wage jobs to women in rural areas and also provided orphans in developing nations with educational toys and books. No need to imagine any longer, KUPENDO KIDS is soon to be launching an online toy shop that does just that.

The idea for this store was inspired by a visit by the founder, Philip Evangelou, to an orphanage in Namibia where he personally delivered toys, stationary and books and saw how much joy this brought to the children. After doing some research, Philip was astounded to find out that there are over 34 million orphans in sub-saharan Africa and most of them have probably never received a toy in their life.

Benefits of playing with toys backed by science

Research published by Parenting Science also indicates the many cognitive benefits of playing with toys on developing the learning brain of children. The benefits include; improved memory, brain cell growth, greater attention span, creative problem solving, reasoning, self- regulation, language and numerical skills.


According to UNESCO’s eAtlas of Literacy countries which have the lowest youth literacy rates in the world are Chad (31%),  Central African Republic (36%) South Sudan (37%), Niger (40%) and Guinea (46%). This means children in these countries, have less access to educational toys and books. Supplying educational toys and books to vulnerable children in nations such as this will help lift the youth literacy rates.

The toys

The soft and cuddly toys will be ethically sourced from fair trade artisan producers that use mainly locally produced organic materials to create the handcrafted toys. This will provide employment to women enabling to earn an income and create a better life for their families.

Charitable partnership

Kupendo Kids has partnered with SOS Children’s Villages (SOS) [] to find out what would benefit the orphans most in terms of improving their educational or recreational support and to help distribute the educational toys and books throughout sub-Saharan Africa and eventually around the world. SOS provides adequate foster care and food to the children in their care although they always need further support in terms of providing recreational activities and educational books for the orphans.  

The benefits of delivering educational toys and books to SOS is that they will be able to keep them and make them available for the next generation of orphans that come into their care, therefore repeating the benefits that the present generation will experience.

The online toy store will be launched via Indiegogo in November 2018 with estimated deliveries of the toys to consumers and orphans in March/April 2019. You can donate a toy to an orphan or pre-order one of the beautifully handcrafted high impact socially conscious toys which are on a discounted launch offer for a limited time only via Indiegogo in November 2018.